Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The Birth of a Worm

A worm is currently being born in our kitchen. Green and yellow sweet skin with carrot cake intestines. He is carrying one candle on his back - yes, someone who has no clue of candles and caterpillar cakes is indeed turning one tomorrow! Hard to believe it has already been a year ... He got an early b-day gift today - fell backwards off the bed and now has a proud red-turning-purple bump on his forehead. Shouldn't have been on the bed in the 1st place, I know. DSS will come get me one of these days! Somehow I suspect this is the 1st of many shining bumps. But it is after all the bumps in life that makes us see our need for a Savior. And therefore I (reluctantly but sincerely) wish him many more!

But I should really get back to finishing that caterpillar. I've tasted so much icing - just to make sure it is "right" you know - that I might just turn into a sugar pillar before the night is over.

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