Wednesday, February 16, 2005

the dog did it!

So our little angel officially lost his wings. He is not so innocent after all. Scott was washing dishes the other morning (yip, he is that great - or that bothered by the stack of dishes reaching for the heavens) and heard the microwave go "hmmmmm...beep-beep-beep" behind him. Since he and Devan were the only ones home... guess who's little finger pushed the "start" button? Scott explained to Devan that the microwave is not a toy and he that should not play with it. The little boy listened intently while clutching Thosa the floppy dog - his best friend and companion. He shook his head in agreement saying:"Not a toy. Not a toy." Then he paused for a second and declared in an Adam-like fashion:"Thosa did it! Thosa did it!". That left Scott with the task of explaining to a 22-month old the meaning of the big word: "truth". Which he did in a very Webster-like manner, for when Neels and I got home we learned that Devan now knows that Truth is that which most accurately reflects reality... to which Devan replied once more: "Thosa did it! Thosa did it!"

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