Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Imagination is more important than knowledge - Einstein

What goes "schlurp-schlurp-schlurp"? Must be a 2-year old brain sponging up every word you say. It is amazing. You can almost see the gray matter mold and shape, connect and run as he listens to and repeats everything you do and do not want him to. But since his head is an open pot for words right now, we are pouring in as much as we can. True to his character and passion, Scott is pouring Scripture into the little man, starting of course with "In the beginning God created…." (Where else will a seriously sequential dad start?) So at a recent bed-time-routine-training-session Devan repeated faithfully: "begin-ing God ce-ated eaven a' eath." To bring matters "closer to home" though, they ended with "Jesus made the grass." Since Devan does so love the grass, he proved much more excited about this phrase and sat in bed proclaiming rather loudly: "Jesus made grass! Jesus made grass!" I went to give him a good night kiss and received in return a confident: "Jesus made grass!" I decided to prod a little more and asked: "En wat nog?" ("And what else?") He thought for a second and announced with as much enthusiasm: "Jesus ry fiets!" ("Jesus ride bike!") Well... we have been praying for him to have a lively imagination...

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  1. ha ha ha - that's a terrific story. Gotta love the little ones' imagination :-) I hope I can hold onto what little childlike imagination that left in my hard, drying gray matter.


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