Wednesday, August 31, 2005

About Neels...

Up till now it (blog) has been all about Devan.
He just happened to be the one walking, talking and doing things worth mentioning. Sweet little Neels just kind of “was” -- with nothing remarkable to report. He patiently existed on his back for the 1st six months of his life. He did learn to sit up somewhere in there, but fell over so much -- or was pushed over by a mischievous older brother so often -- that the supine position dominated regardless. Smiles were rare. He preferred the serious stare. Or the bored gaze…

He finally rolled over at 7 months -- much to his PT-mom’s joy and distress. Jipppieeee!
But…how come he did not follow the book? Was something wrong? Or was it just a glimpse into a whole different kind of personality? If red hair could pop up out of nowhere…what else would :-o ?

Many of my agonizing questions have evaporated lately. Neels saw his 300th day of life and started moving -- quite comically so. He embarked on a crocodile slither and ruined several shirts as his belly kept close contact with mother earth at all times – whether wood, carpet, concrete or grass.

Just when I came to terms with an amphibian son and resolved (contently) that he was just not going to pay any attention to the book, he greeted me one day on all fours. Oh what delightful shock! His big ol’ belly was finally victorious over gravity.

Within 2 weeks he was walking.

This new freedom/accomplishment caused the sun to rise on his face - smiles for everyone and the walls. Constantly. Great was our delight that our once immobile, stoical son now showed signs of passion for life.

Our delight did not last long. Within days he started climbing. Scott found (layed back little) Neels on a stack of books, monkeying his way onto the bedside table. Then I watched in hOrrOr as he climbed a 3 meter slide from the bottom all the way to the top. I find him constantly now with one foot and two arms on something “up there”, trying to reach a new summit. (Devan did not start serious climbing until he was 16 months or so. He obviously read the book in-utero -- and still follows it to the dot.) So this caught me totally off guard. This boy caught me totally off guard! He will not be labeled, put in a mold or be pinpointed! Not by any means or anyone. I suspect we are about to embark on an
i n t e r e s t i n g journey…

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  1. oh my gosh, annette and I laughed so hard at this very fun photo novel about the adventures of Neels the wonder boy. Minnemie, you are a fantastic writer!


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