Sunday, March 19, 2006

Capture that gene

As a teenager I used to stare at “aging” couples in their late twenties/thirties, musing that the guys often looked so much younger than the girls. (I have developed many theories about this phenomenon since.) I determined then, that avoiding such an undesirable depiction of my own life would be priority. Therefore, when I met a man 5 years older than me –him already in his “ageing” thirties and me barely past my mid twenties- it was mission accomplished. (That, of course, is the lone reason why I married Scott.)

Well, much to my vain dismay, nature had as little mercy on me as on any of those pre-maturely wrinkly women I stared at in me youth. To make matters even more ironic, my husband ends up being one of the fortunate few possessing the much-coveted “eternal baby face gene”. He still gets carded at age 37 – to his amusement and the cashier’s shock. It has become a game in our house to vote on the most remarkable comment or reaction from a cashier/waitress.

Scott came home a few weeks ago with the gold medallist comment. He and Devan went to a hardware store where Devan- being a little man, hammer in hand- received much attention. At the check-out, however, Scott stole the spotlight when the cashier asked: ”Now…are you the… daddy …or the brother?”

All I can say is :”Children of mine, capture that gene…”

Now here is the ultimate paradox. Those of you who know Scott will vouch for the truth of it. Despite the eternal youthful gene he carries, he is not one bit photogenic. Therefore the absence of a picture to visually support his fame!

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