Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The latest Murphy-Home statistics

23 - days Pieter has been breathing this world’s air.

5,832 - times a day Devan asks: “WHY?”

0 - amount of paint that gets on the paper when Neels paints. His preferred canvas is his face and tongue.

4 - times Pieter has rolled over since he was born (I used to get excited about babies reaching “mobility” milestones. I thought it was a “good sign”. (Of what exactly I am not sure anymore.) I have since learned that it is a sure sign only of more life-threatening risky boy maneuvers to come - and countless headaches for mom :-/ Confession: we owe these rolling incidents to the once enforced, now forbidden position: prone. But he just finds his thumb so deliciously well when on his tummy! And with the thumb (or is it the tummy?) comes of course the ever-sweet sleeeeeeeep…

9 – times an hour we check on Pieter when in the forbidden position. OK, that was just the first few times we did that. Now we just let him be.

6½ – record amount of hours Pieter has slept in one stretch – he did this actually while on his back. Three hoorays for the little man!

1 - call to poison control center on behalf of Neels who helped himself to an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol. Judging by the flammable aroma and puddle that surrounded him when we found him, he probably and thankfully ingested very little. It was hard to tell whether there was actually a whiff of alcohol in his breath or whether all of the smell came from his drenched clothes and the now disinfected floor. With a bit of luck, the smell alone at least killed the “bugs” that was nesting in his system from the latest cold – the one he gave to Pieter.

9 – days Pieter was old when he got his 1st cold.

10 – times Devan has listened to Pieter’s heart and assured me that he hears “kaboom-boom…kaboom-boom...kaboom-boom” in there.

11 – times Pieter has been lovingly hit over the head with anything from a pillow, stuffed animal, to a book or shoe by a caring older brother.

12 – times a day I am sure that I’ll certainly go nuts in the next 24 hours.

24 – times a day I realize that I am already nuts and that this is in fact the easy part of having 3 boys – while at least one of them is immobile.

7 – days a week Scott thanks me that I am the one who "volunteers" (not always so enthusiastically) to stay home with them.

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