Sunday, January 07, 2007

It's been a while...

so here is some of what has happened since the last post:

Devan and Neels were DICE for Halloween.

Pieter is sleeping through the night, does the 360 degree roll and survived almost 5 months of big-brother-bantering. We think he will survive.

We wish you a Merry Xmas, we wish you a merry Xmas…Well, some were merry some were not! So I decided that getting the “perfect” Xmas picture is over rated, impossible and not worth the consequences – unhappy children and a frustrated mamma. All of you who sent us perfect pictures (or at least pictures where everyone is almost looking and somewhat happy) please let me in on the “how-to” secret. Out of 5O+ pictures, this was the best one. Among other logistical reasons, this is why you did not get a card from us. :-/

Pieter was baptized on Christmas Eve. His friend Wyatt Andrews was baptized at the same time and reached for and held his hand as the congregation sang: “Jesus loves me”. The sweetness of it solicited a choir of ooo’s and aaa’s from our church family, of course. Here Wyatt confirms his love for Pieter by inspecting his ear – the very ear that would later prove to be the unfortunate host of an infection. Wes and Sage (Wyatt’s parents and our dear friends) joined us in formally surrendering our boys to the Lord and claiming His covenant faithfulness in their lives, praying that by his grace they will some day see their need of a Savior and turn to and trust in Jesus for their salvation.

Devan’s big concern this Xmas:
"Were the animals hungry when Jesus laid in their food bowl?"

Neelsie has developed quite an appetite for singing. He is still at that very beautiful non-self-conscious stage and will burst out with “Holy-holy-holy” or “Do-a-deer-a-female-deer” in the grocery store or bank - purely for his own joy and oblivious to his audience. At our most recent Living Nativity he joined the cherub choir with Silent Night as he was climbing the fence to get to a camel – yes a real camel. I daresay those close to the camel heard very little of the choir’s singing as a scene unfolded where Neels was unaware that he was contributing a near solo while Scott did his best to prevent a little-boy-head-first plunge into the camel’s territory.

Pieter is a sweet baby. He smiles a lot and easily. He sleeps well. He does not ask WHY?WHY?WHY?, say NO! or throw tantrums. Yet.

So with much anticipation for what 2007 will bring…

A belated MerryChristmas and HappyNewYear from the Murphys!

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