Friday, May 04, 2007

the wild wonderful world of...

A few weekends ago we visited Huntington State Park where there is an old mansion/castle to explore. Our boys were very true to character in their explorations:

Neels acquainted himself with the surroundings
by climbing (the walls) and jumping...

Devan entered instantaneously into his wild, wonderful imaginary world

He hid from “The Castle Ghost” behind palmetto trees, in castle alleys, underneath wooden benches, and then abruptly turned into a monster, jumped out from his hiding place and ate 3 random unsuspecting tourists.

Pieter watched wide-eyed and took some mental notes.
That concerns me

Among other things, I'm sure he learned that the boy with the most sticks wins… If you just keep on pulling and pushing anything is possible...
And if you see that after all you can indeed not break (or rather "re-adjust") it, there's always the option to conquer through climbing..."

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