Wednesday, February 02, 2005

a day in the life of...

I'm tempted to say that not much is happening here. Every day is pretty much ticking away the same with minor changes here and there to the (finally established) routine. The changes would include the newest form of "love" Devan forces on his brother - slapping him on the chest, head banging his tummy, hitting his face with a drumstick, putting a cake pan on his head or yanking him to and fro by his feet. All of it accompanied by a premeditated:"jammer Neels"(sorry Neels), "toemaar Neels"(it's okay Neels), an occasional "lief Neels"(love Neels) and always tons of laughter.

What is Neels' response? Not much. He just stares at big brother with "all absorbing" eyes and the occasional warlike:"ewheeaa". Maybe a warning of some sort for years to come. Other than that our youngest son (at nearly 5 months) is quite content to stay on his back - to his physio mom's frustration - and make NO attempt whatsoever to roll over. Any kind of "professional help" I offer him is met with a look of utter disbelief that anyone would dare to meddle in his positional affairs! His red birth hair is still there and tends to creep into his voice around 6 pm. Oh how he dislikes going to bed! Much to the amuzement of his brother who stand in his own bed just squeeling from laughter over his brother's distress.

Over all there is much laughter in every day and often many tears as well. I would love to tell more but there is a cacophony erupting in "the room". Someone undoubtely awoke and yanked the other out of his sweet dreams by giving the loudest, shrillest "yeeeehaaaawww" you can imagine out of a almost 2-year old voice box. The one with the shattered dreams is not happy... Mom to the rescue.

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