Monday, March 10, 2008


reality: when, with four boys (all under five, and the youngest just two weeks old), you pay a bill and find the date you write on the check to be vaguely familiar… like it should be important… oh yes! (oh no!)today is our wedding anniversary!

Scott was paying bills at the store when the realization hit. At about the same time I was paying bills at home and discovered likewise that it was supposed to be a celebrated day. He called just as I was about to pick up the phone myself to confess and congratulate. But… uhmmm… neither one of us could remember(without doing the math) whether it has been six or seven years.

Well, we did the math: it has been seven. And boy, it has been seven extraordinary years!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary y'all!!! :) May the Lord bless you with many many many more...anniversaries, that is...we love you and hope to get up to see you ALL soon!!! xoxo J & L

  2. that is hilarious! i very much enjoyed this post - wes and I have the same problem with calculating how long it's been - but that's every year :)

  3. Jack Marchette18 March, 2008

    Oh yeah, heart in your throat moment. You both have excuses. Do the math again, 4 boys 7 years! What could be more distracting.
    Happy Anniversary,


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