Thursday, July 10, 2008

more pe(s)ts

Neels has moved on.

Yes, that’s a roach. Your eyes are not deceiving you. “She’s my little girl-pet” he announced.
:-o !!!! “She” escaped his BugBox and is now on the loose in the house. True, we have always provided a dwelling of sorts for “her” family members, but unintentionally and unwillingly so.
Devan has followed suit with Japanese beetles.
I stepped on something that crunched today. It was not crumbs. It oozed. Sorry to be graphic, but that’s exactly what it did. And yes, I was barefooted. The seemingly dormant volcano in me that I so cautiously guarded for the past few “bug weeks” finally erupted and I spewed wordy anti-bug lawa while evacuating all boys and bugs promptly.
The boys were allowed back in after Mount Smoldering Mamma had cooled down a bit.
The law now reads: absolutely NO bugs whatsoever, whether slimy, crunchy, smooth, scaly, male, female, common, unusual, cute, friendly or lonely are welcome inside our dwelling. NONE!

I think it’s time for us to consider a dog.

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