Saturday, August 30, 2008

disgust and delight

WARNING: this post contains some graphic material that may upset the sensitive stomach…

Disgust and delight met today as we dissected a frog together with our friends, the CarterKids.

Scott came across this humongous amphibian on his way to work one day this week and smuggled it into the store’s refrigerator for us. It was dead but undamaged. Truly a gross but beautiful thing.

As the children opened up the abdomen, excitement reached it’s consummation, for Mr.Frog had no less than 2 monstrous undigested crawfish in his tummy! Oh I wish you could have been here.


  1. Oh-my-word-Minnemie!

  2. That is definitely sooooo disgusting...I guess that's the difference in having boys and mostly girls!!!


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