Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random Dinner Conversation

Neels: Mamma, why is your tummy so big?
Wha? Neelsie! That is not a very kind thing to ask a woman – or anyone for that matter. Tummy sizes are private matters.
[And what are you talking about anyway?? Don’t you know that this tummy has housed 4 healthy man-babies in the last 6 years? Give me a break!]
Neels: Well, but I just wanted to know, because it is big. Is it because you eat too much?
Me: [Did he not hear a word I said??] Neels, I...
Neels: And why do you eat?
Me: What do you mean?
N: Well, I eat so that I can grow and become a big grown-up man. But you already are a grown-up, so why do you eat? So you won’t die?

M: [That’s at least a little bit of logic worthy of discussion.] Well, yes, eating is essential for life, and…
N: So why are some dresses pretty and some are not?
[quite confused] uhmmm…well, it depends on individual taste.
N: Yeah, like this food tastes good. Can I have some more?
[head hurting] Sure!
N: And why do we taste dresses…
M: And why don’t we play the quiet game for the rest of dinner.

[Ahhhh…silence… the most beautiful sound of all…]

Pieter [who, despite his limited vocabulary, tends to repeat everything his big brothers say]: Ma-maaa, why y’ tummy tho big?
M: sigh…

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