Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh BOY, why not STOP and ask for directions?

How can I be so sure it is a boy, you ask? Because he is obviously lost, yet refuses STOP and ask for directions! For the last several weeks, he has been using his in-utero jackhammer to (unsuccessfully) force an escape route through my sacrum. (God must have a sense of humor to provide little boys with build-in tools like that!) A girl would have had a much simpler, more comfortable (not to mention effective) approach: she would have consulted her genetic code and (thicker) corpus collosum for directions on “the best way out.” SO that’s how I know for sure it is a boy.

Now we won’t hold it against the little man. It is after all not his fault that his (thinner) corpus collosum and general genetic makeup lacks the “asking for directions” gene. But I will be glad once he (literally) turns around and pops out to say: “Oh of course I knew where I was going! I just felt like taking a little scenic (sacral) detour!”

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