Saturday, March 06, 2010

pride exposed

The following letter was read by Steve Brown (if you don’t know him, you should!) during a conference at The Cove several years ago.
It is a letter by one Samuel Lopez De Victoria, written to his friends.
These are words that have greatly humbled me... I owe them to most people I have ever encountered; whether in the checkout line, on the side of the road, in the community, in the church, or in my house. In fact, I owe them to YOU:

I’m so sorry I didn’t understand your pain… walking through fire has opened my eyes.
I’m so sorry I didn’t see your love for God, I’d rather impose my way on you.
I’m so sorry I tried to fix you; I didn’t realize you just needed a friend.
I’m so sorry that I hit you with God-talk, making you feel so unspiritual. I misused God’s sword and hurt you instead of being an agent if release and healing.
I’m so sorry I implied that you’re out of God’s will… God’s will is bigger than both of us.
I’m so sorry that I pulled back and abandoned you… I was hiding in the shadows of silence.
I’m so sorry that I did not pay the price to enter your world but blindly insisted mine as the only valid one. I have much to learn and much to appreciate.
I’m so sorry that I recklessly assumed that you had a bad attitude; I was masking my own insecurities.
I’m so sorry that I believed that there was a crack in your armor, dear brother [sister, child]; it was lint in my own eye.
I’m so sorry I acted like I was the better person because I was obeying God… I [thought I] looked successful and you didn’t.
I’m so sorry I didn’t extend to you the same mercy and grace that God has given to me. Amazing grace I have not shared.
I’m so sorry that I was not willing to admit that I’m just as needy, if not more! The Savior Himself said: The sickest think they are healthy.
I’m so sorry that sadly my non-verbal communication influenced others to think less of you. 93% of our communication is non-verbal.
I’m so sorry that I contributed to your agony instead of being a breath of fresh air for you… I discovered a fly in my perfume.
I’m so sorry that I demeaned you by taking away your honor and making you feel flawed. I am the true leper.
I’m so sorry that I made you feel ashamed of yourself – I am now ashamed of myself.
Please pray for me, and if you find it in you heart to have mercy on me, a poor wretched sinner, then I beg of you to please forgive me…

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