Saturday, September 24, 2011

During a recent visit to the hardware store, our "Bit of Hot Lava" was determined to convince Scott of his need for a new screwdriver.  You must understand at this point that this little boy already is was the owner of several screwdrivers. SEVERAL.  Being the wise man that he is, Scott was not swayed by the begging, puppy-like brown eyes framed by freckles and a reddish mop of hair.  Instead, he reminded Mr. Hot Lava about all the screwdrivers-in-residence waiting at home.  To which came the reply: "Well, you see.... I actually do not have them anymore... Mamma took them away."
Wise man: "Well, I am sure she must have had a very good reason for taking them away...?"
Hot Lava:" Wellllll, it all started when I used that one screwdriver as a dagger to attack Devan."
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No new screwdriver either.
Mr. Hot Lava in Greek Warrior attire with alternative weapon in hand. 

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