Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Murphy Revolution

Neels has been reading the Illustrated Classics version of Dickens'  A tale of two cities, which introduced him to an exciting new head-removing tool: the guillotine. Naturally he felt the need to build one himself.  When I walked out into the yard today, I encountered a revolution:

Devan: Neels, may I chop your head off?
Neels: No, I want to chop my own head off.
Devan: Please!  You’ve already chopped yours off several times.  May I please have a turn? 
(One has to appreciate the civility of their bloodthirsty conversations.)
Neels: OK… just once.  But don’t hurt me!

Neels’ head rolls with appropriate sound effects and the look on his face becoming less civilized by the second.)Owwwhhyeeey you hurt me!! Now I am going to chop your head off!!! 

Devan (calmly): No… I have a white shirt on I’d rather you not.
Neels (hot from excitement of having just lost his head): Oh come on!  Who cares about a white shirt? (Who does indeed?)

Devan (effectively diverting attention to another victim): Why don’t you chop Martin’s head off?

Neels (taking the bait WAY too easily): OH yeah!  Martin!!!!! Come here! Where’s Fritz? He’s next! Pieter? Where are you?

And so, by lunchtime, I had at least 4 headless boys running for food in order to fuel yet another Murphy revolution.  But the one with the white shirt… he of course made sure to keep his head.  It is called First Born Invented and Executed Democratic Autocracy.

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  1. ha ha ha ha :-D
    This is hilarious and so well written. I wish I could grow up all over again but this time in your family (not b/c mine was inferior, but just b/c your's seems so fun too!)


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