Monday, May 21, 2012

fried nerves and a bruised brain

Bear with me as I ramble.  This blog is about therapy.  Cheap Therapy for Unraveling Nerves.  Presently, my nerves. If you know me well, you know that I am not a very pink girl... but I am getting pinker and pinker every day.  Because of:
Wheels. SpeeeeeedHeights. Risk. CRASHes.
The very words that cause an adrenaline-rush in boys (of all ages), just happen to cause this mother and wife to bend her knees (mostly from weakness) and clench her hands in prayer.

Do you remember the “What do you get when you cross 
a __________ with a _________ jokes?”  
Well I have one for you. 
Except that it is not funny:

What do you get when you cross 
little boys 
ideas gained at an air show?
A concussion.

It is best explained with pictures:
Some of us watched this at the air show with apprehension...
others watched with eager anticipation...
image from MayAirFly Pamflet
Yes, that is a motorcycle jumping over a plane.

some of us watched this unfold at home with trepidation...
while others participated with elation...

Devan - getting ready to jump fall.
Please let it be known that the (now thoroughly) Pink Voice in this house approved of neither the contraption nor its use.  I’m just saying.  Because the Deep-Royal-Blue-Voice-In-Residence did similar crazy blue tricks and stunts when his voice was still Baby Blue... WheelsSpeeeeeed.  Heights... It seems inevitable... Boys of boys will be boys. 

So, after a number of (mostly failed) "jumps", we ended up with the inevitable face plantresulting in a mouth full of grass, a bulging upper lip, minor scratches and... a concussion.
The CT scan diagnosis was good news: Pieter thankfully has only a bruised and not a bleeding brain.  The bad news is that Pieter now has had his first concussion… the imminent second one being of greater concern to his PT mom.
 So to his great disappointment, he is not allowed on wheels or heights for a month (Dr's orders, not pink fear)… but the thrill of finding himself on a Big Wheel Stryker in the hospital was enough to make the queasy-boy-with-headache smile.

And despite all the fried (pink) nerves, dripping (blue) blood and (intimidating black-on-white) ER bills, we too still have reason to smile.  In all our emergencies, fairies tend to show up and take care of things on the home front – they clean up the blood, feed the remaining (whole) boys, play, change diapers, conquer my  Laundry Monster, do dirty dishes, call, drop by, pray and love us well, far beyond our homecoming with the Wounded One. They go by beautiful names and have hearts overflowing with love and grace. 
Dear Fairies, know that you are the hands and feet of Jesus to us, and we are extremely thankful for each one of you.  Through you our King reminds us that
"He is before all things and in Him all things hold together... "
[even fried pink nerves and bruised brains] 


  1. Anonymous21 May, 2012

    48 As the Philistine moved closer to attack him, David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet him. 49 Reaching into his bag and taking out a stone, he slung it and struck the Philistine on the forehead. The stone sank into his forehead, and he fell facedown on the ground.

    The Murphy boys will soon grow to become the Murphy Men...and they will become...Men who will run into battle. I love the boys and I especially love the Mom, Queen, Princess, Nurse, Teacher, Prayer Warrior who knows that the boos boos will come and must come in order for these fine boys to become God's Brave Men.

    Loving them and watching them...Uncle Wick

  2. OOOH, hope he'll be ok soon.

  3. oh my god i just scrolled through these posts do you truly have you actually given birth to five boys this close in age? oh my god. no wonder you want a magical picture of bringing food to the do need wings and a magic wand! I can recall two trips to the ER with my kids, once for my son who ran into the corner of a wall and split a slit in his scalp; and once with my daughter when she got a skate key stuck to her lip. the doctor used pliers to remove it which he ran to his car to get!
    son got stitches.

    do you have a photo of self you can send me to draw from? I'll see what I can do. ;-) maybe, no promises.

  4. wow! i see that i am going to have to start following this blog! this is better than my kindle :)


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