Sunday, December 23, 2012

I believe in Santa Clause!

It took me 39 years, but now there is no denying him any longer: 
Santa is real.  
Here's the proof, found in our mailbox:
(click image to enlarge, for sometimes seeing is believing)

And to erase any lingering doubts,
he confirmed his existence through sending numerous elves 
(none of whom revealed their pointy ears;-)
 to deliver an abundance of hugs, food, cards, prayers,
 e-mails, words of comfort, time and more
to encourage and care for us in our loss.

So I am compelled to agree with one of our boys who recently remarked :
 "I think Sinterklaas [Santa] must know Jesus"
for he has a big heart,  
 and gives abundantly-
above and beyond what we could ever have 
asked for or imagined...

Thank you
to all elves seen and unseen.
You have loved us well.


  1. You and the boys made my Christmas.
    The other night, presenting the Christmas story. Have fun @ beach. Kiss all the munchings for me. Love all.. CB

  2. Dear Minnemie, Oh, so wonderful! Thank u for sharing. Of course, I have no doubt about all the stuff you wrote up above since childhood. I just bought "fairies" (seriously illustrated book and categorised fairies). Your blog is so sweet. Keep up!! I look forward to more. Best wisehs and hugs, Sadami (Sometimes, come back to Australia. I'll go for an ocean swim today).


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