Saturday, May 18, 2013

Once upon a peaceful Saturday morning...

...the Murphys went to the ER - again. I know you are tired of hearing that, SO I will spare you the bore of having to slave through this shaken mom's post traumatic stress jabberings, and let the pictures of the day tell the tale.

A little bit of essential background:
The tribe has been doing construction on an “apartment complex” in the back yard. A slight architectural miscalculation led to a “roof tile” giving way when stepped upon.  The result was an 8 foot free fall and a scary back injury - the extent of which could not immediately be determined. After much deliberation it was concluded that Professional Movers had to be called in. 
(click on pictures to enlarge for more detail)
The "apartment complex" and site of injury.
A dear friend (and nurse) helps to calm the injured.
The "Professional Movers" assessing the situation.
Stabilized and wrapped up like roly-poly pudding.
Loading the "moving van".
Awaiting X-ray results.
The look he gave his mom when she asked a very silly question : whether he will from now on stay away from heights?
I think not.  
Checked out of ER - rather stiff, but with spinal cord and vertebrae in tact.


  1. Julle moet dalk maar oorweging daaraan skenk om ER seisoenkaartjies te koop! Bly dat dit op die ou end nie ernstig was nie.

    1. Glad nie 'n slegte idee nie! En siende dat seisoenkaartjies goeie kersgeskenke maak, sit ek dit op my lys vir Sinterklaas om te oorweeg:-)


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