Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Year of The Fritz

 Found in L.A., CA
 Sent to us from Europe
 Unmistakable "signs" that 2014 must be inscribed in the Murphy Chronicles as 
The Year of The Fritz. 

Quotes to prove it: 

 “Oh dear, my pants are wet. It's OK, though. It is just because I stored an icicle in my pocket so I can eat it later.”

"Why did Jesus make burps 
but parents don't want you to use them?"

image credit:

"We're going to get gas AGAIN? 
We just keep putting gas in the car, and putting more gas in the car... 
but where does it all go?"

"Oh look! Chickens made that wine. I thought chickens make eggs!"

A toast to The Fritz!


Make my day: add to my therapy with your words:-)