Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Capture that (well preserved) gene

I know, I know, at some point this ceases to be funny or cute. Especially if you happen to be the raisin-skinned wife of a baby face boy. But there has been yet another reaction to Scott’s youthful looks that deserves honorable mention. (Refer to entry on Sunday March 19, 2006.)

The comfortable bustle of costumer-traffic in Naturally Outdoors was interrupted by a sudden squeal. It came from the shoe department. Scott was helping a lady fit shoes when she noticed his wedding band. “You are much to young to be married”, she told him. ‘Well, I am 37…” he replied. Her response: the shriek that had Sarah (employee) and some shoppers look up in horror to see what Scott was doing to the poor costumer. “Well, you surely are well preserved then” was the astonished lady’s conclusion.
Sarah remarked: “You should have told her it is the formaldehyde.”

Now contrast that with an experience I had a few days later. A sweet deeply southern lady stopped to talk to the boys while we were shopping. She asked what has become fairly standard: “They twins?” No just close in age. “Oh they precious. They your grans?” I politely assured her that they are my own and strategically changed positions so that my sizable 7 month pregnant big ‘ol belly was (even more) obvious. (I was hoping that my shape would reveal more truth about my age then my antique face does.) I am thankful, however, that Scott was not with us, for surely my 5-years-older-than-me-husband would have been mistaken for my son!

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