Saturday, July 28, 2007

in honor of the 3rd born

It has been brought to my attention that Pieter has received the usual amount of 3rd-born attention on this BLOG (i.e. too little). SO to make up for this oversight (or normal development of 3rd born rights), here is a picture-rich post dedicated to the one and only: Pieter Hillman Murphy, sweetest, friendliest 3rd born ever. May he find this blog when he turns 16 and mopes about there being no pictures of him up in the house.

Have I mentioned that he smiles a lot?

Occasionally he drops the smile to think... or to eat...

and when he is exhausted, the smile is very much gone.

Now that he is moving, he imagines himself to be one of the BigBoys...

but he still loves receiving the benefits and cuddles afforded only to the smallest bundle in the house.

Be assured that he is well loved by his brothers. They enjoy taking him along on adventures - some of which he would rather not be part of...
He is indeed a great joy to us all. Some would even consider him a toy - a label that he is quickly beginning to kick against. :-)

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  1. What a cutie! I enjoyed looking at all his sweet pictures! I am sure that Rachael would appreciate your special dedication to your 3rd born! Much love, Rose


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