Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Number Four and BONK!

So the rumor is true! Murphy Number 4 is on his way. Looks like another cute Scott-nose! And… is that a double chin?

The boys were quite outspoken about the news of another sibling. Devan, as the responsible, nurturing oldest brother, was ecstatic to say the least. With exclamations of joy he declared he wanted another one just like Pieter and name him Pieter as well! (He recently has changed his preferenceto WILBUR and will not entertain any other suggestions.)

Neels, as the more eclectic abstract random brother, stated that he would indeed not love the new baby. :-o His comment was explained later though, when he related to his Oupa that “we’ll have to get rid of Pieter because we’re getting a new baby.” Behind his seemingly unloving comment towards the new baby was a tender heart of love and concern for our current baby! He would like the name “Doedels” best for the newcomer.

, as our current baby, is still pretty clueless that he is soon to be promoted to “not-the-baby-anymore”. (A promotion that may not be received with open arms.)

Over all, everyone is pretty excited. Devan and Neels got a bunk bed out of the deal (compliments of Oupa) and Pieter has been gifted a highly coveted spot in the big-boy room: the crib with the super bouncy mattress.
Neels currently holds the title of “Champion-Bouncer-At-Bed-Time” – a title and activity that will now (thankfully) be discontinued. Being on the bottom bunk, this highly kinesthetic night owl will have to get creative to continue his delaying tactics for falling asleep. He tried to bounce only once and after his head made firm contact with the new boundaries, Devan giggled and declared:"Ohhhh, now I see why they call it a BONK bed!"


  1. Do you know it will be a boy? I know it probably seems like a given with your current track record!!

  2. Number 4 is going to be SUPER cool...they blow bubbles EN UTERO...way cool party trick! ;)


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