Friday, June 13, 2008

don't pity me

So I don’t have people stopping me in the grocery store anymore to tell me how great boys are. (see blog post: Thursday, May 17, 2007: The Club.) Now they stop me with this look of disbelieve and/or pity asking questions like: “All boys? 4 of them? No girl?” Then they shake their heads and walk away with a muttered “Lord have mercy” or something similar, probably wondering what I have done to deserve all these.

I never have a proper concise response on the spot, but many thoughts have accumulated in my mind on the subject. Maybe I’ll print them out and carry them with me to hand out to those who ponder my “misfortune”.

Yes, they’re all boys – 4 of them
But don’t pity me - it’s great!
Four is a crew
and sometimes I do
forget a name or two.
But they quickly re-direct me
because you see,
they know who I mean:
“Surely she means not me
but one of the other three!”

They’re busy - it’s true.
Destructive too (!!)
And they race from first light till night.
Thus our dwelling might
not be a pretty sight,
but don’t pity me – it’s great!

They’re innovative and care free,
they test the laws of gravity
from the topmost part of a tree.
They make sure for every action
to elicit a (my) reaction
(I suspect they enjoy it just a fraction…)
but don’t pity me – it’s great.

Oh they love to make noise
with body (:-o) and/or voice,
Jericho’s walls would not stand
against such a strident band.
But don’t pity me - it’s great.

The gifts they bring
are rather interesting:
dead flies, dried worms and rocks
random hugs, flowering weeds, dirty socks.
Oh don’t pity me, it’s great!

Little boys smell…
Well… like outside.
In that they take some pride.
But then they don’t think
that I stink
with no shower 4 days straight.
So don’t pity me – its’ great!

Now there is The Loo Issue…
If you really want to shed some sympathy,
here is the place to feel sorry for me.
Little drops are everywhere -
the aim is not always (ever) quite there.
I step in the bathroom door:
on the rim and on the floor
a mess meets my sight
my nose says it’s not right.
I get uptight.
I just cleaned it last night!!!
Yes Pity me – the dilemma is great…

My clothes are wrinkled and so is my face
yet they view me thru a lens of grace.
For though my hair is a mighty mess
they declare nonetheless
that I’m Beautiful as can be.
So don’t pity me- it’s great!

There’re 4 of them, and yes, all boys
but don’t pity me – they’re great!
The only thing I’d maybe like more
Is if instead of 4…
We had eight! OK, just kidding. Maybe just one more…?
I heard that! Some of you said we’re NUTS!
I’ll confess – I am. Scott is not.
Though we do have one more spot in the van
to fill it up is not the plan.
Unless we’re blessed with Divine Intervention –
this is it for our clan :-/
(Not to mention, we have completely exhausted our list of boy names!!!)


  1. this is great!!! after many smiles, i passed it around to friends at work to read! :) you've got a real talent Mx....writing and growing up boys! ;) LOVE, lila


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