Monday, December 15, 2008

The Do's and Dont's of Nasal Peanut Extraction

Do not try this at home.
Do not let the Desperate Parent Syndrome cause you to grab “helpful equipment from the tool shed”.
Do not use a shop-vac (neither with a duct taped-straw attachment, nor with sophisticated computer-cleaning-attachments that can fit into the affected nostril. Though it qualifies as resourcefulness and will eventually make for a great story, it is likely to accomplish little more than temporary emotional trauma to all parties involved.)
Do not have a concerned 4-year old nearby (he might freak out - fearing that the affected nose will be sucked up – or worse – that the affected nose’s owner might be sucked away completely like: “schluppp! ”)

Do consult your wise pediatrician. He is likely to know a “Professional Peanut Extractor” and prepare the way for you to see him – promptly.
Do ask friends to pray.
Do have gracious friends that will offer to keep you normal-nosed children while Peanut-Nose is being checked out.
Do eat an extra helping of protein for breakfast in order to effectively hold down a kicking and screaming 2-year old while the NoseExpert evaluates the problem.
Do appreciate the 2 nurses who help to keep the Nut-Nose semi-still.
Do be in awe of the VERY specialized precision tools in the ENT’s office. (No shop-vac here! )
Do admire the ENT’s patience and skill (even excitement?) as he attacks, I mean extracts the bean.
Do be grateful when the “I’d rather not take him to the OR…” comment of the specialist goes out the window with the emerging peanut.
Do enforce a no-peanut rule with the discussed 2-year-old when a dialogue like this occurs:
Mom: “So will you put a peanut in your nose again?”
He (sweetly): “Ja!”
Mom (rephrasing the question): “Do peanuts belong in your nose?”
He (sweetly): “Ja!”
Mom (one last desperate attempt): “Did it feel good to have the doctor dig in your nose?"
He (With a big grin): “Ja!”
Do revisit this conversation with earnestness. Soon.

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