Saturday, December 13, 2008

only a (humbling) day

Today Pieter stuck a peanut up his nose – wayyy up there. It is still there. I suspect it is going to take more than just a big sneeze to get out. And since his nasal obstruction violates the peanut-free environment in Sunday school, I guess he is staying home tomorrow!

Today I was irritated and aggravated with Neels’ imaginary earache and his staged general malaise – until he turned green and threw up. Several times.

Today, while I was on the phone, Pieter stepped on Martin’s head – with a big grin and obvious intention.

Today Pieter threw a rock hard “wobble-man” at Neels, which produced many tears and a notable bump on his eyebrow.

Today Pieter whacked (the by now feeble) Neels over the head with a ridged plastic container. Neels was not happy. Neither was Pieter when he was sent to bed. Neither was I listening to one crying pitifully and the other screaming in protest.

Today Martin was playing in the laundry room behind the back door when an unsuspecting brother busted through from outside and smashed the baby’s fingers and face.

Today Pieter yanked the humidifier’s cord from the wall outlet, bringing the machine down with a great crash and splash. It is no more.

Today I found Martin chewing on a Ziploc bag – one that contained a dirty diaper only hours before. I’m not sure which is worse – the plastic or the poop. Surely the plastic.

Today, after telling Devan that I could not possible answer one more question, he (very sweetly) wanted to know: “What exactly is it that has made Mamma so tired today?” Today, as I was cleaning up one of the unfortunate “spills” of the day I was grateful that this was a (humbling) day, rather than every day in the life of the Murphys.

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  1. bless your heart. "he is before all things. and in Him all things hold together." Col 1:17 - a verse you gave to me at such a fitting time. May He and only He hold you together today. :)


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