Thursday, February 19, 2009

Losing (clean) ground

Some weeks are just so overwhelming. Last week was one of those…

This week, Monday was threatening repeat pandemonium, and intervention was desperately needed. Something had to be done. Anything! So when Martin decided to take 3 steps on Tuesday, I promptly tripped him. (OK, I’m kidding, but I was relieved when- after 3 brave steps- his padded bottom descended with a “thud” onto the rug.) You see, I am just not quite ready for the transition of power to an “All-Male(s)-Run” household. I know, I know. It is inevitable and I live in utter denial: I have been outnumbered ever since Scott-Clone#1 arrived. But while (I think) I can successfully deceive myself, I will continue living in my pseudo state of rule – i.e. while Clone#4 is still lacking mobile autonomy. When he starts walking I will be consigned to Guard-Of-Disaster-Zone, Professional-Upheaval-Observer-And-Pacifier, Demolition-Controller and Futile-Shielder-Of-Mishaps. But the real kicker is that I will instantly lose my Swiffer-In-Residence! Oh no, no, no!!!
If I can facilitate it at all, “we” will not trade the horisontal for the vertical posture until… until… until I really cannot do anything about it. Which may be tomorrow…. Sigh.

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