Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Elves, Exodus and Exegesis

While “reading” his (very unusual translation of the) Bible this morning, Neelsie inquired of our Wise-Man-In-Residence: “Daddy, was Pharaoh bad?”
Wise man: “Yes, he kept Israel in bondage.”
Neelsie: “Daddy, did he get in trouble?”
Wise man: “Yes, he did.”
Contemplative silence…
Neelsie: “Daddy where does Santa keep his sleigh?”
Wise man: “Uhhmmm… well… I…”
Neelsie: “Where does he, daddy? Like, when he comes back to the Elves. Where?”
Wise man exits room to get more strong black “thinking juice” ( to help him transition from Pharaoh to Santa.
Neels seemed unaffected by this move and kept on reading, semi-audibly: “Mumble…mumble…mumble… and th-e-nsomething… something…mumble, but Pharaoh got no presents!”
End of story.

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