Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We woke up to SNOW a few weeks ago – at least what we Southerners would call snow.
It was thick too – about 2 whole inches! The last snow we saw was before we had children, so there was GREAT excitement in our quarters. The experience was so delightfully intense that I was too exhausted to even download the pictures to share. (Man, how do people up north handle all the getting-dressed, getting undressed, doing LOADS of muddy laundry and keeping the melting snow from getting tracked all over their floors and carpets!?) But anyway, this morning we awoke to another unexpected gift of snow dusting! But it is (sadly) melting fast, and I feel compelled to chronicle these historic events now before both the reality and memory fade:

We went sledding with our friends the Carters,
we made snow angels,

we ate snow-ice… snow–cream (whatever it is called) - buckets and buckets full till our mouths were painfully cold and so stiff that no-one hardly said a word – it (the silence) was great.

We were thankful that we are not birds and that our baths would be hot, (but then our hot water heater broke and we were not, after all, in much better shape than the birds!)

We cried - we were so not prepared for how cold snow really is.

We giggled because Martin shunned me when I had my hat on – he just seemed to insist that his mamma does not have a thing like that on her head.

We threw snowballs at each other and at the back door (can't tell you why some of us thought that would be just soooooooooooooo funny - must be a boy thing) and created a treacherous exit down the back steps.

We enjoyed other people’s very creative snow men.

We marveled that snow can make even a trash can look pretty.

But all good things have to melt of course.
When the sun broke through, we were sad that the snow did not last longer, but glad that we do not live up North.

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