Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Ducks are in the DogHouse

The Ducks (previously fondly referred to as “The Girls” in our house) made a bad move. They lost their main allied on the “let-the-ducks-stay-here-forever” committee.
Guess who cleaned up after them when they turned the driveway into a loo and their “compost” got stepped into the house? I did.
Guess who defended them when those same excretions interrupted a basketball game? It was destined to happen: the ball picked up some “goo” which ended up on a boy’s hands and then on his brother’s hands and then on coach Scott’s hands…ahhh…not good. But I defended them.

I supported their innocent anatomically constructed clumsiness when their big flat feet got blamed for leveling some of our master gardener’s favorite border grass. (That was 2 strikes against them by the head of the house… the girls were in hot water.)

I winced but forced a smile when those same webbed feet smashed my daisies (I had to feign a careless attitude after my fervent defense of them in the border grass incident.)

I did chase them when they started nibbling my pansies. This time Scott clamly reminded me that Pansy season is almost over. No great loss.
When they devoured our blueberries bushes, they lost my vote and sympathy entirely. They ate the berries – that was bad. Very bad. But they did not stop there! They happily proceeded to take off all the leaves! ALL of them! Then they literally attacked –with some enthusiasm – the already bare boughs!

That did it. I am not on their side anymore. I switched committees. I am now on the “In-who’s-yard-are-we-gonna-let-them-loose” committee.
Mr. Jack, your pansies and roses look particularly sweet this year!!


  1. If you soak them in buttermilk it takes away the wild taste! I mean if you make buttermilk blueberry pancakes that is! So you know the girls must have been talking to some geese because they were checking out our front yard yesterday. We could not figure out why, but now we know. Maybe they should take a field trip to the country soon to see if they like it our not. we have lots of blueberries and roses for them to feast on.

    Mr. Jack

  2. are they at least giving you some eggs?


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