Friday, January 29, 2010

No kidding, it's a...

big blue boy! “This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.”
– Psalm 118:23


was born in the evening hours of
January 27, 2010
(and unlike my dream - see previous blog - I was VERY aware of every detail of his birth.) As he emerged, he instantly offered an acceptable explanation for the persistent maternal sacral discomfort mentioned before: 9lbs 11oz of chubby cheeks attached to 21,5 inches of pudgy all-boy body parts. He seemed to make a “state-of-the-tribe address” with his mere stature: “I may be the youngest in the tribe, but at birth I beat you all by weight and size. Beware.”

His full name is Friedrich Wells Murphy. Yes, of course we would choose a tricky pronunciation! It is not FREDerick. Rather it is the Afrikaans-German version, pronounced “Freed-reek” – or you would be even more correct if you can substitute the “k” with a guttural “g”. (This was my German-South African grandfather’s name. Fritz is the German nickname for Friedrich. So to avoid all confusion or a tripping tongue, just call him Fritz.)

Wells comes from Scott’s side of the family. We were attracted not only to the sound of the name, but also to the story that accompanied it. In short, the family was a big resourceful “tribe” and the little bit we know about them makes us identify with them. On the tombstone of one particular Wells were inscribed these words:

“Resting in the hope of a glorious resurrection.”
And this reflects our prayer for Fritz throughout his life: that early in life he may come to know and love Jesus, in Whom is found the hope of a glorious resurrection. Please join us in praying for him!


  1. Sweet!! So glad you are here Fritz! Your cousin Luke, the know-it-all of the family, insists you are a girl. Sounds like you'll show him!

  2. I'm so glad I checked your blog although I really didn't expect to find anything here yet. He is precious. He has to start out big with 4 older brothers. I can't imagine a house full of boys. I feel for you Min. WOW!!


  3. Welkom Fritz!
    Ek is so bly dat ek die voorreg gaan hê om jou in persoon te ontmoet.
    Nog net 5 weke, dan kuier ek saam met die hele Murphy tribe.
    Tannie Nicci (Pikkemater)


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