Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tribal Questions, Comments and Conversations

We have had much fun at our tribal meetings in the days since Fritz has joined us. Whether assembled around the table, around the crib or around the fire (yeah, we do this “calming” fire-inspired tribal dance every night before going to bed – something akin to the traditional NZ haka (click for video) - OK, just kidding but not impossible at all:-0) the discussions have been along these lines:

Does the baby have hands? [show hands]
Does the baby have feet? [show feet]
So why doesn’t he play with us? (Pieter)

What kind of tools did they use in the hospital? (Neels)

Mamma, why is your belly still so big… is there another baby in there? (Pieter)

So when are we going to get a baby sister? (Neels)
Well… we’re not. Fritz is our last baby. No more babies in this house. (Scott)
Why not? (Neels)
Because we’re not planning on having more. (Scott)
Well, that’s what YOU say, but what YOU think really does not matter. It all depends on what JESUS says and He may just decide otherwise. (Neels)
Wow…uhhmm…yes. I would say that’s good theology, Neelsie! (Scott)

Mamma, your belly is getting smaller! (Devan)
Yeah, a little, but it is still really fat. (Neels)

Why does the baby wear pajamas all day long? (Pieter)

Baba slaap? Baba slaap? Baba slaap? (Martin) (Translation: Baby asleep AGAIN????)

Oh, He has eyes! He has eyes! (Pieter)

Fritz is so cute!

Can we keep him? Until Christmas? (Pieter)

Yes, I think we’ll keep him:-). Today, I think we’ll keep all of them! (Be sure to ask me again tomorrow, though.) Our cup overflows in every sense of the word, and I declare: we love it!

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  1. Ha ha ha... we loved reading the boys comments. Absolutely funtastic.
    We're also glad Fritz is finally here and that you didn't POP! :-D


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