Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tribal statistics

GI Joe came to visit us this week – but we were on the wrong side of Joe. He turned out to be the evil (GastroIntestinal) enemy and our tribe the brave military unit – but several of us went down in battle. Hence we have some new record statistics to share:

3 boys getting sick in one night
1 bathroom to share
1 couch cover hit by GI (over)activity
4 days (and counting) for washed pillows to dry
20 (and counting) sheets/blankets changed and washed in the last 7 days
5 rugs paying the price for being en route to the bathroom
5 residents infected to date (only our fierce tribal chief and his most recent clone has managed to escaped the fiery arrows of our invisible yet violent enemy. It has been much like guerilla warfare: comes and goes haphazardly, unexpectedly, repeatedly and seems to have no end it.)
7 stuffed dogs, cats, hippos and monkeys infected (I mean affected.) (If only it was as easy to rid humans of viruses as it is our stuffed friends: just toss in washing machine, add soap, H2O, whirl and spin, hang in sun to dry and whallaahh! Healed! Hmmm… maybe I should consider trying it… Martin will still fit quite comfortably in the top loader… No?)
4 meters – the height of the (now clean yet unfolded) laundry pile. (Ok, it is more like 1 meter, but it FEELS like 4 and right now what I feel IS what IS.) (And if you happen to not understand that statement, you must not be a woman.)
14 hours of parental sleep lost due to GI’s visit to the children
(?) number of melt-downs the walls of this house have witnessed in the last week. Exact number to be released at a later date… and it is no secret that they are approaching tripple digits:-/

But it is worth mentioning some happy non-GI related record statistics too:
24 days since Fritz poked his head into this world to make his voice heard
24 days I’ve been on vacation because Scott has taken charge of the tribe’s morning rituals (and left me blissfully sleeping or else feeding/cuddling with a sweet new born)
8 hours of sleep this particular new born gave me last night. (However, this lucky number also brought my holiday to an abrupt end… by default I found myself on the front lines of this morning’s wake-up chaos again:-/
24 days (and counting) I have not had to cook due to the loving generosity of friends who have provided the most amazing and sustaining meals. (So maybe the vacation is not quite over yet – it merely morphed into an early rising vacation… I can handle that… I think. But first, Joe’s got to GO!)


  1. i have so much compassion. so so so so so much. i pray that GI JOE is gone and forgotten. You (mama soldier) deserve the congressional medal of honor. :)

  2. this makes me want to cry

  3. mx, i just love to read when you write, you have SUCH an amazing mind. may JOE GO quickly, and all the little soldiers be back to pouncing and hopping soon! ;) LOVE YOU!


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