Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anatomy 101

I loved anatomy in college, intently studied the books and cadavers and frankly thought they taught me well… but “they” apparently did not know it all. I recently learned a new anatomical fact: did you know that (some) boys have a button on their ears that they must push before they can hear (a mother's instructions)? Well, one of ours has discovered this button, kindly alerted us to its existence and proceeded to declare his button (unfortunately) out of order!

And I bet you did not know either (or maybe you did) that God made nostrils for the particular purpose of housing fingers. But I was shown - by yet another boy - that the benefit of these convenient holes are not fully experienced unless a third finger is added to the mouth.
Oh those anatomy books are in desperate need of revision - they are apparently SO lacking in essential and useful information!

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