Tuesday, July 06, 2010

after watching a duck family...

You need to know that I really love my life. But as my friend Queen Latifah (aka Cheryl Lovejoy) so accurately pins it: there are "moments when the cup of boyhood seems to runneth over and the cup of grace seems to runneth under!" So allow me to blow off some steam - I'm not quite over our most recent adventure yet.

(Many of you wanted to know where we went and what possessed us? Well, Scott had to attend a TradeShow in the beautiful, artsy, cooler Greenville, SC with the Reedy River running through downtown (click for pic). So naturally I reasoned (mistake #1) that going along would be easier and more fun than staying home "alone" (mistake #2).)
So here is Part II of our adventure (thanks for listening - I feel better already):
Reflections of an exhausted, temporarily “overcast”, human mother.

On the Reedy we watched a show:
“The McQuack Family On The GO!”
Mother duck so calm and cool
leads her eight(!) boys to the pool.

Now mother duck –
she has some luck
keeping her big soled boys in line.

So very unlike me and mine…

Duck boys (naturally) keep close to mom
She calls - they (naturally immediately) do come!!
Must be ‘cause ducklings have no soul
Thus temptation they do’ know…

Oh mother duck
– you are in luck:
your soulless boys stay in line!

So very unlike mine

who not so well behave
because to them the Maker gave
a way to know (t’is the soul)
the irresist'ble charm of temptation
(hence stepping out of line an option)

On the Reedy they watched a show:

“The McMurph Family On The Go”
A chaotic fest – contained typhoon at best
Exasperated mother aimlessly behest:


Oh mother duck, you are in luck!


  1. Precious! At least your ducklings sure do look like they are having a great time :-)

  2. I'm just checking your blog after many months hiatus. Next time you are in Greenville, PLEASE call us! You are even welcome to stay at our house!
    Miss you lots!
    Michael and Lauren


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