Friday, August 20, 2010

dinner dilemma

“Barbarian!” it rang through the house, “I’ll chop your head off!” I sighed. They were only playing "ancient history ", but the scene embodied more reality than I would like to embrace. Growing up, I pictured the barbarians of old as vicious human versions of pigs. Little did I know then that barbarian blood actually runs thickly in my veins, and that it would manifest itself in all sort of ways in my own home one day...
For one, we face an acute dinner dilemma. Turn up the volume, click this (sic) and close your eyes. Hear my distress as you listen to the sounds assaulting my ears whenever food appears in on our table...

My newest fear is that no girl will ever want them and that I forever will be stuck with 5 big ol' (potentially headless) barbarians around my dinner table!

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