Monday, August 16, 2010

A Letter To Winter

Dear Winter,
How true it is that absence makes the heart grow fonder! You’ve been gone less than half a year, and I already miss you dearly.

It is August and your sister, Summer, is in the midst of her annual visit. As always, she brought her customary gifts of delicious fruits, vegetables, green grass, pretty flowers, shady trees and fluttery butterflies. We are very grateful for her kindness. But… she also brought her pe(s)ts. Her visit would be so much more enjoyable without the presence of Mosquito, Fly, Roach and Ant. If only they could be exclusively outside pets… but they are pretty sneaky creatures indeed. This sister of yours is very generous with her warm embrace and I’m sure she means well, but I experience her to be a tad stifling at times. If only Cousin Breeze would come with her more often… he knows how to temper her strong personality to our benefit.
But in all honesty… I much prefer your cold kisses and unobtrusive hugs. You kindly leave it up to me to decide how much of your embrace I care to receive. I suspect you barely blink when I turn a warm blanketed shoulder to one of your icy squeezes. Winter, you are welcome here.

Oh and then there is the laundry catastrophe. Sister Summer is not very tolerant when it comes to laundry, now is she? I made the mistake of neglecting a load of laundry (it sat in the machine for just a few extra hours after washing) and she promptly reprimanded me by adding a moldy smell to the lot. Now how mean is that?! My clean load of laundry all smelly and in need of another full cycle. I mean really – so wasteful (not to mention inconvenient.) But you, on the other hand, are much more gracious – even helpful – when it comes to the laundry monster. Should I forget about a load for an hour and a day, you preserve it nicely and icily without any nosey reminders or reprimands. I like you.

Though your complexion may lack the vigor and color of your sister’s, your spaciousness sets you apart. My children in particular must feel drawn to this simple beauty of yours, for they stay outside persistently during your visits. (Presently I find them under my feet inside much, too often – I suspect Sister Summer and her pets are a little overbearing out in the yard.)

There is also the issue of bedtime… Maybe I’ll appreciate the gift of extra daylight more when our boys are older, but right now Sister Summer stretches the hours of activity beyond my comfort energy zone. Little boys have a hard time heading to bed – never mind actually falling asleep – when the sun continues to smile at them till 9pm. We wind down much quicker and easier when your cool darkness falls on us in late afternoon. Ahhhh, I cannot wait!

But just yesterday I spotted a hint of orange on a persimmon... a sure sign that you will indeed return despite the present persistent blazing temperatures. You and your hot teas and soups, blankets and socks, fire logs and… rats. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about your pe(s)ts… Could I be so bold to ask that you… er… come without them this year? We’re kind of crowded here since boy #5 arrived… so if you kindly would consider it…

Looking forward to you visit,

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