Sunday, August 08, 2010

it takes a village...

Fritz was baptized this morning. For the 5th time, we publicly surrendered a son to our Covenant God, praying that by grace he will some day recognise his desperate need for a Savior and turn to and trust in Jesus for his salvation. As the entire tribe gathered around the baptismal font, Chris, one of our pastors, pointed out that according to Scripture, Scott qualifies as a lucky man, for he has a quiver full!
As we stood there, affirming our faith and promising to raise Fritz accordingly, I panicked. I can’t do this! I have neither the wisdom nor the p a t i e n c e required to raise this little boy – never mind the legion surrounding him – in a way that would glorify God and show them Jesus. I looked out into the congregation and wondered who would see straight through me and notice my internal faltering… But what I saw was a great comfort. There they were: a host of friends who walked with us through the “Dark Ages” of our turbulent courting days, several who promised at our wedding to encourage us and hold us accountable sat in the pews once more, and my eyes connected with quite a few who have been faithfully accompanying us on this joyous yet unsure journey of parenting. Maybe they understood my hesitation?

But my heart settled into a grateful peace as they all rose to their feet and promised to undertake with us the nurture of this child. I am so thankful and relieved that we’re not doing this alone. Jesus has provided all we need in Himself and on top of that He has gifted us with the privilege of a covenant family. He knew it would take a village to raise a child… and a tribe to raise this mom!
My mom is visiting from SA - she is the one who looks like she could be my sister. Fritz is named in part after her late Father.Our friend Nigel was the elder at our side. He and his family has been at our side for many years... in fact, had it not been for his very organized wife who took us under her wing, our wedding would have been utter chaos!


  1. We're so glad we could be there for the baptism, and grateful to be a part of the journey in helping raise this precious little boy! His grace is sufficient.

  2. Beautiful! Remember our prayers are there even if our faces aren't. we love you all!!

  3. yea! What a special day:) You are a wonderful mother Minnimie and all the more wonderful for realizing that only through His grace and provision are you adequate for even one day of motherhood. Good to see your mother was able to be present:) My prayers are with you and I would love to walk again soon if it suits your schedule once school is upon us! Miss you my dear friend:)


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