Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lazy MinneMazy

Lazy Mazy was a bird. Do you remember her? Dr. Seuss tells the tale of this bird who laid an egg but was weary of doing what it takes to see it through to hatching. So she convinced the ever kind-hearted Horton the Elephant to sit on her egg for just a little while so she could stretch her wings for a bit.

So Horton the Elephant sat… and sat… and sat… through various trials and tribulations, waiting patiently and loyally for Lazy Mazy to return. Well Lazy Mazy did not just stretch her wings a little bit – she stretched them far and she stretched them w i d e. She went off on a glamorous vacation and stayed and stayed and stayed, shirking her duty, avoiding responsibility, basking in a liberated life… only to return moments before the egg hatches.

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Ugghhh - such a devious bird Mazy was. Such a bad mom. Who wants to identify with her?

Well… come to think of it... I do! And so I did. Weary of sitting on a bouncy nest, Scott and I flew off this past week after having implored at least 4 kind Hortons to guard our 5 eggs for a few days.

Now, at the time of departure, I had every intention off doing my duty and returning as promised … but within the first deliciously quiet moments of our escape I changed my mind: I was never, under any circumstances, returning to reality. LazyMazyness was my new real. Only a CrazyMazy would return to a nest brimming with 5 always-about-to-explode boy-eggs after tasting the emancipation of a place where no-one bickers, no-one leaves clean clothes and mud tracks on the floor (and if they do it certainly is no care of mine), and no-one wails because his banana is not served fast enough.

LazyMazyness afforded the unconcerned freedom of walking into a “breakables” store without having to fear the inevitable CRASH that would be caused by someone in my party, the luxury of soaking up colors while slouching on a couch in a favorite gallery, the serenity of reading a novel in a coffee-garden while sipping sweet caffeine because I want to, not because I need it to get through the day.

With LazyMazyness also came the joy of conversing uninterrupted with the (rather cute) man I married 10 years ago, discovering with some relief that we indeed still have a lot in common – other than those 5 eggs in the (by now forgotten) nest.

It was bliss. It was beautiful. It was… time to go home.

I sulked. I sniffed. I rebelled. But we respected our faithful Hortons-at-home too much to leave them sitting on our nest ad infinitum. (Though it was a very tempting contemplation…)

Thank you Emily, Nick, Didi and Grandpa for allowing me to be a LazyMazy for a few days! As a result of your kindness and bravery I like my husband, my nest, and my boys better. (And I suspect that my absence was a great source of refreshment to them as well.)

But… I am afraid that I don’t like them quite well enough yet… so… how about you all play Horton again soon… like maybe… next week? Yes??!!

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