Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh the things that we'll learn...

Parenting is a strange season in life – you learn the most unusual things. And I refer to those things that the books don’t even mention - probably intentionally. For who would be “fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth” if we knew all these things ahead of time?

Had there been a booklet: Essential Secret Information – Read This Before Considering a Family, it would most certainly include a section on bunk bed ladders. Experience has taught us that the cute ladder that comes with a bunk bed often causes more distress (for the mom) than it ends up being an avenue for getting a boy into his bed. Be sure, however, that the mother’s anguish is not ignited by the customary climbing of the ladder. (Bunk Bed companies do post all kind of bizarre warnings - on an equally silly sticker that will not come off for anything in the world - about how to climb a ladder.) It is the unorthodox use of the ladder that makes her banish the thing eventually.

You know what I am talking about: the removable ladder doubles as a fire truck, serves as a barricade (and all that comes with the need for such barrier – think war), becomes part of unwanted construction projects, and is propped up against all that is breakable in the house – for gymnastic purposes.

So you will understand that this mother was elated when The Experienced and Esteemed Mr. Wick Jackson (experienced and esteemed especially because he is one of 4 boys) came up with an ingenious plan to reduce motherly ladder-induced stress. He designed a built-in bunk bed (so they cannot tear it down) with a built-in ladder (in order to end and prevent any unsolicited use of such equipment.)

My heart was at ease… but not for long. The unmovable ladder did not meet boy-needs anymore, so they kindly introduced me to another section of the unpublished booklet: Boys and Heights – The Unquenchable Need and Ensuing Deed.

After capturing this clip, I was casually informed that Neels recently flew from the top bunk. I have no difficulty believing it. I am sure it is in the section: Boys and Flight – An Innate Trait. Oh the things we are yet to learn…


  1. i love that. i've seen those moves around here. More than one occasion. In fact, the ladder is NEVER used in our bunk beds. But as I was admiring your bunk beds - I began to wonder - are they built into the wall? I love them even more!

  2. Hey guys... we can seem to find an email that gets to you... so I hope you get this:

    We are looking at a trip that would take us to Florence arriving Friday June 3 around 7:30 at night and staying Saturday June 4th. Basically the reason for the Florence stop is you guys, because you are so cool. :)

    Please tell me that you will be around on Sat. June 4th to spend time with us. We would be heart-broken if you weren't.

    Let us know ASAP because we are buying tickets and such. We are heading out with my mom and dad to Pauley's Island for the week. Should be fun.

    Hope to hear from you right away!
    Kat and Dan Haase


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