Wednesday, June 08, 2011

blessed are the jungle dwellers

Blessed are those who live in the jungle, for they will not have sewer trouble. They may have other troubles, but no congested sewer systems to explode into (yes into) their homes.

Blessed is the jungle dweller because he does not have a concrete driveway on which a child can mar his face. Though they may bust their heads on many other things, concrete it will not be.

Blessed are they who rely on their feet with no other options of transportation. Not only do they benefit from fitness as a natural state of being, the absence of the expectation of an available and operable vehicle eliminates potential locomotion discontentment.

Blessed are those who set traps, hunt and wholly live off the land. While it is true that dinner may not exactly present itself to be killed and cooked when hunger strikes, they are at least likely to creatively fill a tummy without need of a grocery store - and a vehicle to get there.

Blessed are those without watches or calendars, for they are not slaves to such cruel taskmasters.

May I just say: This week I desired to be a jungle resident.

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  1. Just read this - how much I've had similar thoughts! Wyatt asked as soon as he saw your handsome painting of the lion - "is that Aslan?" - so I'm asking - is it Aslan? random lion? lion you've seen before? just curious about your world and your art. :)

    miss you,

  2. Anonymous09 June, 2011

    oh, Minne. I hope things have improved. Loooooooooove your lion portrait! Miss you my friend :)

  3. Many of you have asked about/commented on the Lion. His title is "Not safe... but good." If you know where that comes from, we should make a plan to share a cup of tea soon:-)


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