Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Our home has been childproof for 8 years now.  Or so I thought.  You see, being a slow processor, it has taken me these last 96+ months to realize two seemingly obvious realities:
1)      childproof and boy-proof are 2 entirely different concepts
2)      1st born boy-proof and 5th born boy-proof are not comparable ideas

It all started when The Fritz decided to enroll himself in The Congaree Boys School.  His application was of course denied, but he keeps showing up nonetheless.  He has been expelled to his bed on several occasions, but some other boy (who is not coming forth) showed him how to escape.  So now we have to manage The Fritz ON our school table way too often.
 On one of his table expeditions, he got hold of this very interesting thing.  No-one noticed until… until he came to show us his sharpened fingers.  HIS WHAT?  Yes, he sharpened both his index fingers.  No cry, no alarm, no considering it a bad idea after sharpening the first!  Just a mere interested expression of “look at this odd red fluid dripping from my most useful exploration digits.”

No (serious) harm done.  He still has all the important aspects of his fingers – merely missing some skin and nails. Judging by the twinkle in his eye and the perpetual bump on his forehead, I fear a boy-proof environment in this house to be an unrealistic pursuit. 


  1. I always wondered how boys grow up to be rugby players.. now i know. THANKS for writing.

  2. I love The Fritz...I love em all. I look forward to my next visit with all my boyz. Future "Mighty Men" to win battles that must be fought.

    Uncle Wick

  3. that's just reality of boys and birth order. You are a wonderful mama to have noticed the injury! And that Fritz - looks JUST like his mama. I am taken back by how much he resembles you. :) Finally. There was one. :)

    great post!

  4. I CANNOT believe how big he is!!!! He is a grown man with all his teeth!!! My heavens has it been a year since I have seen him? My sweet friend forgive my incredible absence!! We MUST remedy this SOON!!

  5. oh my!!! What an amazing photo of your joyful little boy! And he looks just like you! Though I am sorry Fritz injured himself, I always find myself laughing out loud at the very humorous way you paint your family in your writings! Miss you all as neighbors!


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