Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Our Little Bit of Hot Lava has sparked an interest in pirates.  He has pestered the (very patient) librarians for every book even remotely affiliated with pirates – and brought them all home. (The books, not the librarians.) While nouns and verbs makes his eyes roll, and math facts bore him to death, he comes to sudden life when studying information essential to health and wealth, such as the fact that pirate weapons generally include axes, cannons, fireballs, muskets, flintlocks, and cutlasses.  (Whatever those are… but please don’t make the mistake of suggesting that pirates simply use SWORDS and GUNS.  Also remember - for your own safety - that Barbary Corsairs are in a different category all together, for they have been suspected to swing scimitars, not cutlasses.) It is important to know that Captain William Kidd did not start out as a pirate, yet became a pirate, but without the Jolly Roger.   He was eventually hung. (Should you desire to hear more, Pirate Hot Lava will gladly share the gory details.) Your head spinnnnnnning yet? Welcome to my world! Yet most essential to life-at-present is to note that Buccaneer Henry Morgan ultimately became a knight – an attractive career path our own little pirate intends to follow himself.

While apparently grabbing supplies for his ship recently, I found our fierce pirate at the kitchen sink, filling his water bottle.
“This is my rum!” he announced excitedly. 
Being expectant that he had no idea what rum actually was, I dully inquired : “Rum?  What’s that?”
“Oh, it is al-co-hol,” he informed his obviously dense mother.  “It is what pirates drink to make them pirates!”
Oh indeed.  Pirate-producing-rum-on-tap, flowing freely from my kitchen faucet.  I think we are in trouble.


  1. Oh my! so cute! We need to get our pirate loving boys together! What a full house of warriors you have! You have a high calling indeed my friend! Love you and miss your sweet spirit! So thankful to call you my friend:)

  2. Hilarious!!! We sure miss you guys!


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