Friday, July 20, 2012

And now for something completely different…

…and unexpected… 
which maybe makes it  not all that different after all… 
for we seem to specialize in the unexpected…  
which just means that we’re still riding the New-Murphy-Normal wave.  
Make that the Murphy Tsunami.

It’s all about a garden.
And a compost pile.
Our garden.
Our compost pile.
I know.  
But then again, we’re talking MURPHY here. 
Murphy’s law. 
Muprhy’s life.  
Murphy’s garden. 
Expect the unexpected and consider reading on. 

For the last 10 years we have attempted the nurture of a healthy garden.  Some years left us with disappointing yield – like The Year Of The Ducks.  Other seasons saw such success that we deemed it wise to close down the fertile plot.  Like the year the watermelon business was closed.  Officially closed.  Because we figured our figuring and decided on not biggering and biggering and biggeringOur garden can handle only so many specimens and that’s that. Too much diversity and we get overwhelmed, exhausted and cranky. (Though I will sheepishly admit that one of us gardeners took a little longer then the other (wiser) one to firmly come to this conclusion.  But I got there.  Late, but not too late.) So we intentionally limited our garden to a variety of 5 crops max.  MAX.  And that may even have been pushing it a little…

But what to do if a mystery seed skips the established garden, disregards all boundaries of  controlled production, and unexpectedly sprouts right from within the compost pile?  A seed that grows silently and inconspicuously until, one day, you are confronted with the surprising reality of a Jack-and-the-beanstalk size vine that threatens the somewhat manageable life-with-5-crops as you know it...  for it is not a weed that can be pulled, it is…surely it is not… can’t be… but it is… a watermelon!

But the watermelon business is closed! We can’t handle another crop! Drought is lurking in our pockets, floods are thundering through our thinkers, our synapses are hosting a electric lightning storm… Our crop-transport-wagon is maxed-out on space, we’re too old, too tired, too… stuck in our own gardening plans, visions and ways… to grow another… watermelon…

But shock, confusion, trepidation, and incredulously processing the odds with the Big Gardener Upstairs has not changed any of our new reality: we are indeed growing another watermelon.  Courtesy of the compost pile.  Courtesy of The New Murphy Normal.  Courtesy of the Big Gardener Upstairs.

So if you will please be so gracious and faithful to water our garden with your prayers, we will be ever so thankful.  If you happen to see us, and it looks like we are about to plummet from the crest of the Tsumani into the even greater chaos of swirling white water, please kindly catch us.  If you dare.  For we are, after all, specialists in Murphy’s Law.  Expect.The.Unexpected.


  1. Anonymous20 July, 2012

    Stel 'n eis in teen die ou wat die waatlemoenbesigheid "gesluit" het! Nietemin, sterkte. En geluk! Ek is seker die oes gaan soet wees.

  2. i love you. and i am thrilled for you all. and am praying for all your watermelons; grown, growing, sprouts and seedlings.

  3. What a great post! Praying for your whole garden! The Penningtons

  4. As an ex-gardener I loved your post and will be praying for you all as this new watermelon grows. May God bless you all!

  5. Anonymous21 July, 2012

    Beautifully expressed :). So thankful for you and the whole crop. Praying for you and thinking of you soooo often. Love you! Lia

  6. Wonderful! And great therapy for countless readers as you word it down for us!

  7. So your determined happy post had to wait one more post (after that 4th ER visit), but what a HAPPY post it is. Love your curly haired watermelon mama watercolor. Beautiful!

  8. Minnemie - this post is beautiful - and your heart is absolutely honest and precious. I can't think of a more wonderful watermelon grower than you. God bless you - I am praying for you. Col 1:17

  9. Congrats. That is a cute drawing and way of announcing it.

  10. I love your little watermelon dressed lady ..... Good luck with your crop!

  11. Love your watermelon and this post. I love to garden and always have something growing. We are just getting ready to plant our winter veggies. Not yet, but soon. Have a great weekend and good luck with the crop.

  12. I read your whole post (and extra links) and thought it was about watermelons in the compost pile. Maybe it was the photos of real live watermelons. Maybe it was the text. But until Annette and I saw the watercolor painting of a pregnant woman, then reread the whole post, we didn't get it.
    Congratulations. We WILL be praying.

  13. Dis wonderlike nuus, en ek is seker dat jou tuin sal mooi lyk met die nuwe plantjie -miskien n meisie plantjie... yahooo.

  14. I love this watercolor! Expecting a watermelon, are we? I keep my garden limited too - to the salad I eat at my table. Everything else my non-green thumb will kill. So I will send happy wishes for your watermelon-to-be. What to name him/her? Hmmmm .. your decision anyway.


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