Monday, May 12, 2008

the murphy men

Since several people asked how this Mother's Day measured up to last year's (we will not repeat the matter), I thought I would give a summary: it was GREAT! I was the queen surrounded by a sea of men. (How I wished as a teenager that I would be in such a position... low and behold, the dream came true :-) With no responsibilities (except feeding Martin... Oh, and bathing (more like scrubbing) them all, getting them dressed for church, packing diaper bags and washing wet sheets) it was a day of r&r. Scott was an excellent cook, washed dishes more thoroughly than I would dream of doing, overlooked the dust bunny investation with much grace and made sure to treat me with several surprises throughout the day. All 4 boys even napped simultaneously! Oh yeah, it was a gooooood day. A round of applaus to the Murphy Men!

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